Help! I Can’t Find My Sleep Number!


My husband and I have a sleep number bed. 

Don’t worry I’m not about to go t.m.i. on you. 


Here’s the thing though – I am decision-making challenged and EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  right before I go to sleep I have to make one of the most important decisions of my life!  Am I a 25? or a 45? or a 100? or a 30?  Thank the Lord they only offer you 5 point increments because I think I would never get to sleep if I actually had the choice of any number between 1 and 100. 

I know what those of you who told us we would love this bed are thinking.  ‘You’ll figure it out and you’ll love it.’  Um.  We’ve had this bed for at least 3 years now.  During that time I have gone through periods that this has not presented a challenge for me but I think I could’ve slept on a rock during those times and the reason you buy an expensive bed is for the times you have more trouble sleeping, right?

Lately I have decided that I am a 25.  And maybe I am.  Maybe it’s the 12 pound puppy that insists on curling up right in the small of my back every night that is hurting me.  Just in case you think that is ridiculous, let me remind you of how cute he is: 

See?  And not only that but he is hopelessly spoiled and if we put him in his crate he will cry all night which doesn’t help the problem.  And not only that but he warms my feet up for me before I go to sleep.  He doesn’t move into stealthy back deformer position until I am asleep.  And not only that but he snuggles with me in the morning and licks my face.  And not only that but . . . it’s just too many decisions at bed time.   Big decisions.

Wade, ever the decisive one, has solved the problem on his side by being a 100.  This makes no sense to me.  Isn’t that just a firm mattress with a pillow top?  That also brings up another issue.  If I am a 25 and he is a 100, which totally makes sense if you know us, then there is no sleeping on each other’s side of this huge king size bed.  It’s like having two twin beds, which may sound good to those of you who haven’t broken down and purchased one of these things but comes with its own set of issues.

Anyway.  Pray for me.  I have a big decision to make in just a few hours.  And my back hurts just thinking about it.


10 responses to “Help! I Can’t Find My Sleep Number!

  1. Between Cindy’s snake and your bed ya’ll have both given me a great laugh this week. I love my sisters. Been thinking about blogging myself so ya’ll can laugh at my nutty thoughts.
    Ya’ll crack me up!!!

  2. I’m glad we crack you up. But have you prayed for me? just sayin’

  3. Lord, help Cathy find her number. Amen and Amen.

  4. AND…

    I suggest you go to the sleep number bed store and get them to help you. I told Daryl that I would have the same dilemma you have if we got one of those beds. He said that people have told him that the sales people help you figure it out. Just an idea. But you might want to bring Charlie in case he throws those numbers off.

  5. If they really care about their customers they will want a true picture of your sleep habits. That could be a whole new post that again would crack me up!!
    And Lord I join with Cindy in asking, Pleases please help Cathy find her sleep number!!

  6. I can totally imagine your situation and can empathize greatly with what you are going through 😉
    Crazy Skaggs minds think alike???

  7. I love you guys! 🙂 🙂

  8. Hi there, Catherine. My name is Stephanie and I’m a member of Sleep Number’s online Customer Service team. Hope you don’t mind me chiming in, but I saw that you were having some trouble finding your Sleep Number and wanted to offer some assistance. Your puppy may affect your Sleep Number (depending on how heavy he is), so I would recommend setting your number with him in the bed, whenever possible. We do have a list of suggestions for finding your best Sleep Number on our website that I highly recommend using, as well as watching our short video on finding your Sleep Number at We also offer tips on alleviating pain in the neck or shoulder area, tips on finding the best pillows for you and more. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Customer Service team and one of our Comfort specialists will be happy to help you. Customer Service can be reached at 1-888-411-2270.

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