Happy Good Friday!

I spent the day with my dear friend Kim today.  She made the most wonderful lunch for us!  It was butternut squash soup, chicken salad sandwiches and grapes with yummy tea.  Then we went to the fabric store where I picked up these materials for some living room pillows.

Then we came by my house to make sure the fabric would look good and I got to show her my new table setting. I found the plates and bowls at Walmart (!) for really cheap and they look like fiesta ware!   I just love how it turned out!.  It’s just nice to have my table set rather than covered in dirty dishes, which has been known to happen around here.

Tonight we will go to a Good Friday service at our church.  Thinking about what Jesus endured on this day thousands of years ago makes me so grateful and also makes me so aware of how serious sin is.  I always have a comtemplative quiet that comes over me on Good Friday and then erupts in joyous thanksgiving on Sunday.  We will never fully understand the wonder of salvation.


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