My Baby

This is my baby girl.  I show you this stunning photo because of the one I’m about to show you.  You see, she turned 16 two weeks ago and was slightly excited.  If you read my last post you are aware that being excited is not conducive to photogeneity (haha!  I think I just made up a word!) in our family.

Two weeks ago yesterday, my daughter woke up and was asked to go get something from my van in the garage.  When she got there, this is what she found:

And she was pretty excited.

It is a 1987 VW Cabriolet convertible named Daisy.  What?  Your kids don’t name their cars?   She (the car) is a little cantakerous about how you start her and since Micayla is used to driving a new minivan that’s been a little bit of an issue.  But Micayla is in love and Daisy has taken my daughter away from me.  I knew it would happen.  The nice thing is that since she is so old, she will spend some time in the shop and I will get to have that quality time with my girl again every once in a while.  Sigh.


One response to “My Baby

  1. for some reason this makes me cry!! i have not been enough of a part of your kids lives!!!! I love them and you (and your hubby) tons!!!!

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