How To Be Transformed

The other day I was thinking about the transformation from a cute little catepillar to a beautiful butterfly and wondered ‘what happens inside a cocoon?’ so I googled that question.  And this is what I found out!  (and I also found out how to do a link in wordpress! JOY!)  When I think about the metaphor wrapped up in this transformation and how it applies to us as we are being transformed into the image of Christ I am just in AWE. 

I think this is one of my favorite sentences in this link:  “the caterpillars and butterflies that emerge from the chrysalises may remember some of their lives as caterpillars”.  Wow! 

So, as we are going through life and we come to those spots of feeling completely undone or broken down, is it possible that those are the exact moments that the Lord is performing ‘holometabolism’ (you HAVE to read that link!) and completely transforming us? 

God is so smart!


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