Guess what I found!

That’s my new favorite game with my 16 year old.  It goes like this:

“Mom, guess what I did today in European History?”

“Um, a cartwheel?”


“Um, sang the Star Spangled Banner?”


“Um, learned something really cool?”

“No.  Okay, I got an A for participation.”

“Oh!  That’s awesome sweetie!”

It’s really fun. 

Okay, but seriously, guess what I found!  Here’s a clue:

Yay!  Happy Dance!!!!  I found my camera cord!

Okay, don’t I look slightly mentally off in that picture?!  Apparently I was a little TOO excited to meet Mike Huckabee!  I mean wow!  That is a crazy look in my eye!  Actually, I think I was just trying to overcome that thing where my eyes disappear when I smile in pictures.  Usually I have just learned to not ACTUALLY smile but just do a camera smile because then my eyes stay open but that was NOT going to happen in this setting because I was WAY TOO excited and happy to be standing there.  Meeting this man was a bucket list item for me.  He thought that was wierd when I told him. 

But seriously, I just think he’s a great man.  I worked on his presidential campaign in ’08 and wish he had won.  A friend of mine from the campaign contacted his “entourage” and got me on his tour bus to meet him!  I was so excited!  I think I actually talked to him for 30 seconds but it was exactly what I had hoped for.  I mean, it’s not like we had that much to talk about right?  I told him I was really glad to meet him and asked him what I could pray for him about and he said “clarity” to know what the Lord wants him to do next.  So, I’ve been praying for clarity for Mike Huckabee since that day. 

Tomorrow’s blog will be about my daughter’s 16th birthday which was 2 weeks ago.  But NOW I CAN SHOW YOU PICTURES!!!! 🙂


One response to “Guess what I found!

  1. Wow! I’m so glad for you that you got to meet him. And I think you look beautiful in that picture. Excited and beautiful.

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