A Pretty Needle Holder

Today started with a trip to my mom’s fabric store – the one in the closet of her sewing room.  I found some great fabrics that I took with me but I didn’t end up using them in my finished project.  I just couldn’t find anything at the (slightly) larger fabric store that went with it.   I’m joking, Mom does have a lot of fabric, but not THAT much.  It was nice to see Mom and Dad though.  While I was there Dad and I moved the gardening workbench that he made for Mom from the basement to the deck.  It is amazing!  I come from a long line of creators. 

Here is what I created today:

It’s a roll up crochet and knitting needle holder.  I found the pattern and instructions at Made by Loulabelle.    This is what it looks like rolled up:

I have a habit of telling people what is wrong with the things I cook.  It drives my husband crazy but I am actually just thinking outloud about how I will make it better next time – a habit he has benifited from during 20 years of improvements.  So here is what I will do differently on my next needle holder.  First, I will use one of the patterned fabrics on the outside rather than using the plain fabric.  I think it would be prettier and it would also make the top of the inside look more polished if it matched the outside.  Second, I will put a buttoned top on one of the pockets to hold small items.  I don’t think they will fall out because it is wrapped pretty tightly but I would just feel more secure with a buttoned top.  And security matters.

I bought some fabric to make another one but I think I have decided that I don’t really like it as much as the fabric I used for this one so I’m heading back to Hancock’s tomorrow.  I may make the next one a joint venture and send the fabric to my sister for mongramming.  That would be fun!  A cross country sewing project!


One response to “A Pretty Needle Holder

  1. I figured it out…while you and Cindy and mom are doing your crafty things we are all going to sit in a room one of you needs to have painted or wallpapered and I am going to do that craft while ya’ll work on your TERRIBLY frustrating projects that make me want to cry and curl up in a ball and suck my thumb 🙂

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