Well, That Will Have To Wait

Well, inspite of the fact that I MET MIKE HUCKABEE TODAY!  I am going to blog about something else.  Why?  Because I can’t find my stupid camera cord!!!!  So this camera phone picture of my camera is what I have so far . . .

. . . so this post is going to be about LOSING THINGS!!!! 

GRRRR!  Lately I have been spending WAY to much time looking for things around here.  I think it means that I need to clean my house.  As in – time for Spring cleaning!  I think the next time I can’t find something I am going to quit one of my jobs and spend at least a week organizing, cleaning, straightening, decorating, etc.  Hmmmm, that sounds pretty good!  I think I’m going to schedule not finding something tomorrow!  Well, maybe not.

And another point about this looking-for-things thing, IT MAKES ME CRAZYYYYY!!!!  Seriously!  I told my husband that losing things is ‘the worst thing ever’ and he disagreed.  But I think that if he crawled into my brain for a minute when I’m looking for something that I’ve lost he would come running out of there screaming and rock in a corner for a long time. 

I’m just sayin’ . . .


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