Toddler Princess

Lately the Lord has been showing me (again) that he loves me because I am his and not because of my performance.  One time recently I was in a large meeting where there was a father following his 18 month old daughter around.  She had become bored or loud or just felt like walking.  It wasn’t distracting or out of place, but she also wasn’t “doing what she was supposed to do”.  He was so proud of her and thought she was so cute.  It was written all over his face.  I sensed the Lord saying “that’s how I feel about you.”  From that came this poem:

I am your toddler princess * running to your court * with abandon and assurance * that you love me with all your heart. * You stretch your arms to catch me * swing me ’round with great delight. * We gaze at one another * in wonder at our mutual sight.

I am your toddler princess. * We laugh in fields of green. * You watch over me protectively * and murmur healing to wounds unseen. * You place me on your shoulders * and I exult in my new height. * If I run too far You catch me * and my squirming hand is held tight.

I am your toddler princess * dancing before you in new clothes * that you purchased at great peril * but gave to me for my repose. * With great joy I recompense you * with kisses and with love * that you receive as though I brought you * the stars from up above.

I am your toddler princess. * I learn of your secret ways * walking through majestic gardens * in the early morning haze. * You show me hidden pathways * and the beautiful displays * of bird songs and of perfumes * the world brings my Daddy praise.

I am your toddler princess. * Someday I will wear a crown. * This curly head will rule with you * in queenly wise renown. * You sing to me sweet lullabies * of blessing and destiny * and tuck me into knowing that * my Daddy is King of kings.


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