A Little Secret

Okay, I feel relatively safe telling you a little secret, dear reader (otherwise known as Cindy).  Okay Jackie, I’ll let you in on it too.  Here it is – I have actually reactivated my facebook account.  I deactivated it last week because I apparently have an addictive personality and it was a HUGE distraction to me everytime I got on the computer.  Then I reactivated it because I remembered that I didn’t know how to contact any of my old friends and wanted to give ‘everyone’ a chance to give me their contact information.  After a week and two (2) people contacting me with their contact information, I re-deactivated.  Then I needed to contact a friend about a meeting and didn’t have any other way to contact him so I re-reactivated and I think I’m going to see if I can handle it. 

I might be able to stay off facebook though because I have a new addiction!  I spent about 2 hours last night net surfing and found all kinds of WONDERFUL sites out there!  Wow!  Some people are really talented! 

I found this gorgeous, refinished chair at www.centsationalgirl.com, complete with really good instructions.  This is probably my new favorite site!  If you love diy projects you will love it too.

 And at redletterwords.typepad.com/ I found about ten things I want to buy.  I love, love, love this:

And I’m going to buy something from this site THIS WEEK.   I just have to.  http://leenthegraphicsqueen.com/index.html.  I’m leaning toward this for my laundry room:

Or maybe this for my guest room.  Wouldn’t this be a nice thing to sleep beneath when you are away from home?

Well, the fam would like for me to quit asking them questions about what people are saying at the Oscars so I think I’ll stop blogging and let Micayla have the computer.


2 responses to “A Little Secret

  1. Hey, I love these sites; keep ’em coming… Your addiction is catching!

  2. 🙂 I know! Me too! And, don’t worry. I’m sure there will be lots more!

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