Ahh, Monday!

I know some people hate Mondays but I love them.  Monday is my paperwork-laundry-housecleaning day and the only day of the week that I can sleep in and stay home if I want to.  On the weeks that I go into the office or schedule lots of appointments on Monday I feel out of sorts all week.  And things like this happen: 

Today, though I am home and I am so happy.  I have laundry going and I made my grandmother’s tuna salad recipe. 

I love being home.  I love caring for my home.  I love making things pretty and taking care of my family. 

Thank you Lord for Mondays.  And for all you Monday haters out there, I feel your pain if you have to go to the office.   Maybe you should just take Mondays off.  Go ahead.  I give you my permission.


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