Home Alone

We have had a wonderful week off thanks to the blizzard of 2011.  Tonight both teenagers are spending the night with friends and the hubby comes back tomorrow from a week long business trip so I am here with the dogs and the cat. 

This was forced relaxation.  After all he’s a hunting dog so he only has one speed – CRAZY.  The old guy has just moved his main activity inside from the back yard but I think he could get used to this.

Yesterday my daughter and her friend cleared the driveway so that we could get out of the house.  She made her dad a happy man by LOVING the leather coat he has never allowed me to get rid of because it was a “classic”.  I pulled it out because it’s warm and she has worn it every time she has gone out since.  I think she has officially adopted it.  He is so happy.

So tonight I’m washing sheets in hot water to get rid of last week’s flu germs, remaking beds and looking forward to seeing my family again tomorrow!   Who knew all I needed was a week of snow days?!


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