Back to life . . .

The love seat has recovered from its heavyladen-ness. 

We all feel much lighter now.  Nothing like TWO WHOLE DAYS of laundry and housework to get you back on track.

Didja notice that the art behind the loveseat is different?  I sent out an s.o.s. to my best friend to come help me rearrange my furniture in my living room.  She looked at it and said I just needed to move my loveseat back about a foot.  Huh?  And she was right.  She’s pretty smart.  Then she looked at my wall and said “that needs to be rearranged too” so we fixed the wall.   The next day I still felt inspired so I redid my kitchen and entry way walls and my front room (which is basically empty right now).   Here’s my favorite outcome of that afternoon of inspiration:


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