Peace in the Storm

I am back at Mom and Dad’s while Dad is at a meeting.  It is so peaceful out here.  It always has been.  This is the house that we built in 1980.  The back bay window and glass door overlook a huge deck that Mom and Dad rebuilt and expanded on their own not that long ago.  The deck is a restaurant for birds and uninvited squirrels and overlooks a small lake to the west of the house.  The front door has a screen and it is the perfect temperature outside for having the windows open.  Neighbors have been mowing and birds are singing outside.  Friends have brought a delicious meal and I am embroidering while Mom sleeps. 

There is a quietness to this time that is rarified beauty.  I am blessed.  We are blessed.  God is good.  All the time.


2 responses to “Peace in the Storm

  1. I truly can not think of a place on Earth that I find more peace than at my Oklahoma home. I’m itching to feet out there and hug our mom and dad right now!!!

  2. I felt that so many times while I was there and look forward to enjoying it again – soon.

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