Wigs and Hats

Yesterday we went wig shopping with my mom.  Her hair hasn’t started falling out yet, but the shop owner said that her scalp looked like it won’t be long.  The very first wig she tried on looked just like her hair after she has been to the beauty shop!  It was beautiful.  I think she feels really good about it.  We loved this shop!  It’s called The Egyptian Salon and the owner’s name is Ann.  As a cancer survivor herself, she is full of love and good advice.  If someone you love in the Oklahoma City area needs a wig, send her there!

While we were there, my sister and I were talking about the hats I have crocheted for my daughter and how soft they are.  I use “I Love This Cotton” yarn and they are just the softest things ever (next to Charlie after he’s been fluffed and muffed).  Here’s a picture of one.

Ann said that if I make some for her shop she will sell them for me but I think I’ll just make some for Mom since  I barely have time for that.  And there’s a certain pillowcase that I’ve been working on embroidering for over a year that I have to finish sometime . . . maybe I’ll give you more details about that someday.  Anyway, yesterday I bought some yarn and doodads that I think Mom will like and my sister called me from Hobby Lobby saying she was doing the same thing.  Today I made manicotti and we’re going to go to Mom and Dad’s for lunch.  Maybe afterward my sister and I can look at the stuff we bought. 

Yay for manicotti!  And yay for new yarn!  And yay for Ann and beautiful wigs!  And yay for soft chemo hats! 


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